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Franciscan Schola - Paratum Cor

On this new CD, the vocal and instrumental ensemble Franciscan Schola Bratislava presents the modern premieres of compositions by Franciscan composers from 18th-century Slovakia. The compositions are documented in manuscripts by two Franciscans, Fr. Jozef Řehák and P. .Gaudentius Dettelbach.

The CD bears the title Paratum cor, which means willing heart, after one of the compositions. They are the opening words of Psalm 108, which begins:
„Paratum cor meum, Deus, paratum cor meum, cantabo Deo meo.“
"O God, my heart is fixed; I will sing and give praise."

The compositions encourage listeners towards praise of the Triune God, trust in and loyalty to the Virgin Mary, the wonder of God's work and the joyful wonder of the holy founder, Francis of Assisi, though also towards resolve, courage in spiritual struggle and the search for refuge in difficult times.


  1. anonymous : NUNC TUO NOMINI
  2. anonymous : O JESU REX NOSTER
  3. anonymous : TIBI SANCTA TRINITAS
  4. P. Gaudentius Dettelbach OFM (1739 –1818) : PARATUM COR
  5. P. Gaudentius Dettelbach OFM : O FELICEM ET BEATUM
  6. P. Gaudentius Dettelbach OFM : ESTOTE FORTES IN BELLO
  7. P. Gaudentius Dettelbach OFM : COELORUM CIVES OCCURITE
  8. P. Gaudentius Dettelbach OFM : TE DEUM LAUDAMUS
  9. P. Gaudentius Dettelbach OFM : TOTUS AMOR ES FRANCISCE
  10. P. Pantaleon Roškovský OFM (1734–1789) : O AMOR QUO VOCAS
  11. anonymous : AVE MARIA

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CD poster - pdf, jpg

On the cover: MOLECULAR CHRIST – artist: Matúš Lányi

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